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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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So this morning I wake up early to go get rent money and juice before work. I guess I should introduce myself before I go on any further. My name is Scott and I live in Edmonton, Alberta and wierd shit happens to me ALL the time.

It's almost as if the earths gravity somehow revolves around me running into wierd people and fu**ed up situations.

Now that we've laid the groundwork I will continue.

So I'm headed to the 7-11 for juice and waiting in line I notice outside that there's this hunchback looking white-haired gremlin lookin guy waddling his way towareds the door. From personal experience I know how this guy acts, but for the purpose of story telling, I digress.

Anyway so this guy enters the store and not seven seconds later you can hear him muttering swear words under his breath. Yeah this guy's a real piece of work. So I'm waiting at the front check-out and this guy's behind me muttering up a storm...as if he was in a hurry or something ( like the rest of us, buddy ). He's waiting about a minute behind me and starts swearing, c'mon *slow* Slow* Jeeez!

What a freaking wierdo ( I'm thinking at this point ). That's not even the funny part. As I'm leaving the store, he says something extremely difficult to understand ( the clerk attempts to understand what he is saying, however two jibberjabberer's usually can't communicate with eachother ) and I think he was asking for a bus pass.

Anyway I guess there were no more buss passes so this guy snapped and started repeating to the clerk "You should have more, you should have more" and charges out of the store.

The kicker is..I got my juice...ran across the street ( through traffic ) and managed to catch the bus, but the other guy was waiting at the cross walk without a bus pass, and he missed the bus.