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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Let it snow, says who

Snow? Pfft...We don't need no stinking snow.... I mean if I wanted to freeze my ass off, I would sit in my fridge.

No seriously, though. I'm all for Winter, but what's with this weather? One day it's fridgidly cold outside and then the next we're sitting in +5 weather. It's a joke how much we've screwed up our environment, and it's even funnier that we're barely doing anything about it.

But I digress. It's not like I'm going to be around when the world explodes, or my kids so I don't much care. I mean I could pretend to be Superman or something, but hell, why waste my breath?

That seems to be the common mindset for most Americans I've noticed. It's throw your trash anywhere you want, smoke cigarettes and throw the butts anywhere when you're done. It's the level of respect that we lack that makes me sick. I know Japanese culture is compared to a lot, but it's their Respect for their culture that makes me yearn for a working system. I wish people weren't so pig-headed about the issues, but that's what America was founded on.

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