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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bus..more like..Bust

I seriously hate taking the bus. I'm a pretty regular guy and I have a set routine in the morning to get to work on time. That being said, now that Winter has reared its ugly head, I have to take the bus now instead of riding my bike. The point is that I seem to be late regularly when having to take the bus and its bullcrap.

I had the mis-fortune of missing the bus this morning to the tune of some rogue bus driver who shows up 3 minutes early at my stop and leaves before he's even scheduled to be there. Yeah this makes me a little angry in that I have to skip my morning coffee just to get in the office on time. Not angry at anyone in particular here, except for the dumbass driver who obviously wanted to make up some time so that he can grab a coffee somewhere. Does it seem fair that I should give up my coffee for this guy? OF course it doesn't, but I'm not about to make waves because I can imagine this guy snapping like a crazy postman.

I'm not saying the bus is slow, but if it were up to bus drivers, they would be getting off the bus whenever they want, grabbing a coffee and taking an extra long shit inbetween stops. No I'm not saying the bus is slow, but bus drivers on the other hand...


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