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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bus..more like..Bust

I seriously hate taking the bus. I'm a pretty regular guy and I have a set routine in the morning to get to work on time. That being said, now that Winter has reared its ugly head, I have to take the bus now instead of riding my bike. The point is that I seem to be late regularly when having to take the bus and its bullcrap.

I had the mis-fortune of missing the bus this morning to the tune of some rogue bus driver who shows up 3 minutes early at my stop and leaves before he's even scheduled to be there. Yeah this makes me a little angry in that I have to skip my morning coffee just to get in the office on time. Not angry at anyone in particular here, except for the dumbass driver who obviously wanted to make up some time so that he can grab a coffee somewhere. Does it seem fair that I should give up my coffee for this guy? OF course it doesn't, but I'm not about to make waves because I can imagine this guy snapping like a crazy postman.

I'm not saying the bus is slow, but if it were up to bus drivers, they would be getting off the bus whenever they want, grabbing a coffee and taking an extra long shit inbetween stops. No I'm not saying the bus is slow, but bus drivers on the other hand...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Let it snow, says who

Snow? Pfft...We don't need no stinking snow.... I mean if I wanted to freeze my ass off, I would sit in my fridge.

No seriously, though. I'm all for Winter, but what's with this weather? One day it's fridgidly cold outside and then the next we're sitting in +5 weather. It's a joke how much we've screwed up our environment, and it's even funnier that we're barely doing anything about it.

But I digress. It's not like I'm going to be around when the world explodes, or my kids so I don't much care. I mean I could pretend to be Superman or something, but hell, why waste my breath?

That seems to be the common mindset for most Americans I've noticed. It's throw your trash anywhere you want, smoke cigarettes and throw the butts anywhere when you're done. It's the level of respect that we lack that makes me sick. I know Japanese culture is compared to a lot, but it's their Respect for their culture that makes me yearn for a working system. I wish people weren't so pig-headed about the issues, but that's what America was founded on.

Anyway that's my rant for now, If you want to comment on this or contact me, then click the "Comments" button below.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Quest for the Holey Grail

Okay so it has become frighteningly apparent to me that I need to update my page.

I have a couple of emails and stern bodily-harm threats pending if I do not do so. So I have decided to empty out the ol' Site additions folder and post this beautifully magnificent work of art.

Jumping right into things, here is what I want for X-mas so that I don't ever have to mix another drink for myself again!

The RoboBar

The future is now! Not only does this baby mix and dispense drinks, but it comes with a monitor of a nice Woman who makes smalltalk amongst the plethora of robotic hullabaloo.


Robotic Pacman

Remember Pacman? Well this is a useless Robotic version of that. It's funny to see how basic Robot engineers can be. It's like robots are the hardest thing on earth to create. I mean...To pick something like Pacman to re-create? I don't see the point, but I guess I'm not from the old days so I don't even care.

PacMan for Dummies

Bionic Body Parts no longer a joke

Remember those old commercials with that robot gymnast? Remember he looked like he was made out of copper and was swinging from pipe to pipe...and on the end of the pipes were these gears? And then he would swing into the gears and lose his arm? Don't ask me why I remember that commercial, but I do and you can thank the Canadian Gov't for that!

Bionic Arm

First Ever Face Transplant

Ever wake up in the morning and wish you looked completely different? No? Well you can go away then...Otherwise if you HAVE then take a look at this ultramodern technique brought to you by Medical Science.... Pfft... What's Medicine ever done for us? * Statue falls on self* Oh, I'm paralised, I just hope medical science can cure me!

Laugh your Face off

Card Shark trumps them all

So apparently the creator of PartyPoker. n et was originally a porno industry exec. This certainly explains why a few of my colleagues would use that site then, Lol.


Cybercrime escalates at a furious rate

Cybercrimes > Real life crimes. Need I say more? RTFA.


Actual Cost Breakdown of the Xbox 360 - Is Microsoft Losing out?

Some Xbox 360 cost breakdown of the actual unit.

Xbox Link

Another Xbox 360 component article

Xbox Link


I'm tempted to put one of these on an Ipod and leave it on the bus. Wouldn't it be the funniest thing in the world to follow around some guy who indiscriminately picks up your ipod and pretends its his own? Hell to top that off, I would put on BARNEY music and RAMP the volume ALL the way up before I set it down on the ground. HAHAHahahhaahaaaaa. I love you, you love me...Were so happy... Hahahahaa


Now this would be the "shit"

CBS to offer their re-runs on Google Video? Yowza...TV is becoming less and less of an option now with the Internet taking over.

CBS on Google Video

Shuffle your A$$ off with this

Remember what I wanted to do with the Barney music? Lol Do that with the speaker except do this on a train or LRT..hide it behind a seat somewhere and leave it on all day.

Shuffle it up

My Xmas wishlist Item # 1

If I had lots of money, I would definitely ask for one of these babies...Wow...So sleek.

Oakley Badass

Virtual Air Guitar

Now all of you drama queens can be gay in Virtual REALITY!

Air Guitar Gone horribly wrong

Black Walmart Friday

Take five-thousand angry colored people mixed with three-thousand white people and this is the resulting effect.

Black Walmart Friday

PC Shock Therapy!

This reminds me of Ghostbusters when Venkman was testing that sketchy guy in the first few scenes...He guesses three squiggly lines and actually guesses correctly, but he still gets shocked even though the chick is guessing everything wrong and Peter is lying to her =P

Shock Trainer

WoW Private hosted servers? - Good or Bad or Illegal?

It is what is says.

Well that's about it. Thanks for viewing. If some of the pictures don't work, I don't care =)