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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wed Post-o-Matic Huge-a-thon

So in an effort to break this lazy streak that I've been in, I decided to start posting some goodies for you, my loyal fans.

In this entry, we will see everything from great Halloween costumes to cool new inventions. If this doesn't interest you, I have also provided a mini-game that - while boring, can provide a few minutes of excitement to your already boring day. I dunno alt-tab it or something.

I have also included links to pictures of the recent Halloween party "Scream 2005" for all of you dance-junkies who want to see your face in the crowds. I will be posting the e-town rave page links soon as I think I am in those pictures =)

Jenn you're my Beautiful Angel and I love you, this one's for you.

So we start off with a classic inspired by the old "Back to the Future" movies that we have all come to know and Love.

The first picture is a Lego Delorean. If you can remember the movies and how hilarious Michael J Fox was as an actor. THINK McFLY, THINK! Remember how crazy Christopher Lloyd's hair was in those movies? I loved it! Man that guy has huge eyeballs.

Delorean made entirely out of Lego:click here

Personal favorite action shot:click here

Can't forget the flux capacitor: click here

I normally don't post links to horrible websites like this, but this one TAKES THE cake over all horribly horrible fan websites to ever be horrible.

Today's next entry comes to us from the Engadget folks from their recent Halloween contest. Featured entries included the dude in the Simon costume and the guy with the working flip cell-phone costume - Great idea's.

Halloween costumes: click here

Working Daft Punk costume!click here.

Winning entriesclick here.

A working ipod costumeclick here

Finger Vein reader for seamless car entry click here.

Grenade fire extinguisher click here

1337-HAXOR-ROFL-ROFL click here

8 megapixel cam phone click here

Scream 2005 pics click here

Scream 2005 pics ( via United ) click here

Gravity Game click here

Global stupidity advisory system click here

Sorry for the lack of thumbnails on the last section. I was extremely rushed for time today and I thought you would like content rather than nothing =)


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