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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday Tech Edition - Gadgets Ahoy!

So I've been collecting gadget websites and new products and whatnot coming out onto the market. I decided to post them on here to show you what's interesting in the world of tech. I will probably make fun of most of these things, but some of them are actually pretty neat.

Hello Kitty gone terribly wrong:

The first edition comes to us all the way from our Japanese counterparts. To me this looks like a cheap hello-kitty knockoff of the ipod, but hey who knows? Anyway you wouldn't catch me dead wearing that thing.

Star-Trek nerds taking over the world:

Check out our next addition all the way from the WPC Expo 2005. I swear this thing was taken straight from a Star Trek show or something...KILL THE NERDS!

Sweet idea for a flame-free candle:

This cool gadget will interest you if you are in the market for a candle that never burns itself out! That's right, this is the Dual LED flickering candle straight from Brookstone. Kinda reminds me of Starwars or something the way you turn it on... Hah.

Revolutionary Thin-client PC hits the market:

Check out this amazing marvel in PC technology. This is what we call a thin client. It provides everything a PC provides, but connects to a server directly. This tiny little client can provide plenty of extra workspace room considering there is no bulky PC to get in the way. Also it is 100% whisper quiet!

Found on Road Dead:

Ford is coming out with a great new idea here. They will be encorporating Tablet PC's into their new F-series trucks. Not that I have ever liked Ford, but this is a great idea in the long run.

Cool new Sci-fi lazer-beam gun:

Looks like some crazy alien handgun from the movie the Fifth Element or something.

Ipod Rage:

Check out this hilarious video of some kids destroying some ipods. To think that when I was a kid, I would be out with my friends playing gun-tag with pellet guns. It was pretty fun when you come to think of it. We would take these little pellet guns and load them with redberries we picked off the tree's and shot them at eachother ( sporting some nice berry-juice stains ). It was always funny to shoot your pal in the face and see a little spatter of juice on his forehead. LOL.

USB Gloves that warm your hands:

Check out this slow-ass website. It sports this hilarious gadget that warms your hands while you work. HaH! The Japanese are way too concerned with the worst problems. I swear this is hilarious when you think about it. They are so cold they need USB gloves =)

First half-decent camera phone:

Check out this sweet 2 Megapixel cell-phone cam. It's amazing compared to some of the garbage out there right now. Sleek and thin, I'm luvin it! Check out the cool pics here!

UK provides first mobile-vending machines:

So you can basically use your cell phone to pay for items from the vending machines, without having to bother with change or finding pocket money. From what I understand it is connected to your bank account and withdraws directly via Interac ( or some form of Interac ).

Check out the link here.

Walmart has computers? for CHEAP!? Real Cheap!

- Not actual picture of Wal-Top ( my nickname of the crap-top from Walmart ).

Recently a Wal-Mart newspaper displayed inserts featuring a $398 laptop and a $398 desktop with an LCD monitor from HP. The notebook deal, if consummated, would represent a new low in price for mainstream Windows laptops.

Check out the link here.


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