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Friday, November 25, 2005

Since the Dawn of time

Some Ringmania game to pass the time

I found this game the other day. It's decent when you're sitting at your desk eating your lunch ( trying not to do work ). Give it a try and leave any comments if you like or dislike it.


Ever wanted to sit and enjoy a martini in your own private underwater hotel room?

This is freaking sweet. Not only do I want to visit this place, but I want to eventually visit that Ice-hotel up in the Artic. That's pretty neat as well. Anyway the idea here is that you are completely underwater during your visit. Check it out!


Luxist Objects of Desire 7/31/05

Check out the hot items coming out and/or already out. Everything from cool new sunglasses to crazy new gadgets.

Cool new gadgets

xbox 360 fanboy

This kid is hilarious. Someone should send him over to smashmyxbox and capture his reaction to the Xbox 360 being smashed in front of a crowd of people waiting in line ( not only to be told that there aren't enough units for everyone who pre-ordered ). HAH!

I wanna be the guy who's sitting on the lawnchair watching the nerds break out in un-controllable crying after watching their beloved Xbox being smashed into tiny little bits. Awwwww yeah...I love that smell....That's the smell of sweaty nerd fear.

Anyway if you wanted to check out the news on Xbox and 360 then check out Fanboy.


Payola Scams everywhere

Classic. I believe it all. I don't understand why the world is so twisted, but guess what? I'm going to find some way to cash in on it eventually and then I will laugh at all of the people who can't pencil it all together. Hahahahhaa I'm demented and I love it!

Payola Scams from Sony BMG

This guy clearly doesn't like IBM laptops.

Okay I can't really summarize what or who this guy is, but he's crazy and that's my story. He obviously hates IBM laptops for some reason and it seems his life's mission is to do stupid embarrasing things with them in public. I wish sometimes that some people would stay in their parents basements and just keep planning to take-over the world on their own time.

Stupid IBM laptop guy

Pong making it's comeback, oh yeah.

It's funny how pong is more entertaining then most games out on the market right now. Seriously game manufacturers are leaning more towards quantity > quality now and I'm no longer buying into it. I won't buy games on release day ( unless I absolutely must have it ) and I won't buy consoles any more. It's simply a matter of A.) Waiting a year for the price to be cut in HALF or B.) Waiting for the game to come out on PC ( where it will un-doubtedly be better anyway ). Anyway check out this crazyness.


Jennifer Aniston something or other...Not really news

Another perfect Example of what SHOULDN'T make the news, but always seems to. Celebrity gossip, bla bla bla... I don't really care what J-lo did with Vince Vaughn, a`ight?

Why does shit like this make the news?


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