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Monday, November 14, 2005

My wicked new game idea

Okay so this isn't anything never before seen, but it is a mix that would provide hours of fun. Here's the idea: Starcraft online rpg with experience points and i dunno...turrets? Hordes of monsters attack you and your group ( here's the online part ) and you can buy upgrades depending on how many kills you get ( kills give you money for upgrades )

Now the interesting part is that you mix Starcraft with Smash TV. Cmon people, we know that familiarity puts your asses in the seats and sells tickets... Starcraft characters ( marines probably or goliaths ) vs. hordes of monsters and/or robots of some kind....*drules*

That's the game I would play for hours =)

I dunno, perhaps I will get off my butt and make something in Flash.


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