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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Update AHOY

In this episode, we see our Hero dangling on the edge of Destruction, and Mayhem! No, seriously though; I decided to finally update the page as I got a chance to, finally!

I thought I would start it off with a nice HOWTO: on Teaching yourself Acoustic Guitar . =)

This followed by a hilarious HOWTO: on Being a human beatbox. This one is hilarious. If you have a mic on your PC try this one out:

Look on this page for instructions on how to set your speakers to "Playback" instead of "Listen".

Then from there, go ahead and beatbox till your hearts content, hah!

Next we move on to my last HOWTO: of the day. This includes instructions on how to make Playdough!

On to the funny pics section of the day, it looks like the annual Pumpkin Regata has come about once again. Pic HERE to some funny lookin shlub in a pumpkin boat.

Escape pod or Mobile hearse? You decide.

Researchers are probing limits of ethics and reality now by examining how creatures adapt to their environments and how some lizards can grow back their lost limbs. This is a little to experimental for me. Let me examplify:

Say you blow off your arm in a freak gun accident. Well say this drug is availible. What's to stop your arm from growing larger than it originally was in the first place? I know DNA SHOULD provide a template for your genes, but at this point...I don't trust anyone with my genes other than me! I mean especially American's probing me with their experiments...BAH!

Ladies and Gentlemen...Boys and Girls...Children of all ages...Welcome to tonights...MAIN EVENT! (cue Basketball music) In this corner, we have the people's Champion.....The halo toting, robe wearing...Jesus! HA-le-lu-ya!

And that's it for me.


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