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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This Ran'ts 4 YOU!

I thought I would post an opinion of mine that has been ever-growing since the dawn of the new millennium. This is not only an opinion, but a rant so if your not in the market for rants, then gtfo and go watch your soaps.

The topic: Culture and Commercialism.

Mark Twain put it best when he said
Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising

That stands very true today in that it's not how much you know, but who you know that gets you anywhere. I see it every day so I thought I would comment on it.

Take Coca-Cola for example...Or Pepsi Cola. Both companies are built upon a Marketing Commercialism foundation that is surpassed only by say..Microsoft or IBM. And how did these companies get to be what they are today? Commercial's and Marketing via Advertising.

Take Halloween and X-mas for example. Have you noticed how they covertly seem to be putting out decorations and candy earlier than usual? Say...Months earlier? Yeah, that's a perfect example of corporate greed...err I mean ingenuity. The candy companies are being nice, right? They are giving us a few extra months advance notice that we can buy their wonderful treats, right? Why not sell a couple hundred extra Reese's bars, I mean...Who's it going to hurt, right? Wrong, we subject ourselves to these shady dealings every day. I notice them, and I'll bet sure as shit you do, too!

Send me those comments, I love them! Send me anything you see that is highway robbery or a ripoff. I love to read and post about them.

Anyway back to whatever I was talking about...

Right, commercialism was the topic. It's more apparent in the fashion industry. I'll tell you why award shows were invented: Fashion designer Greed. The red carpet represents all that is greed. Talk to any star on the red carpet and Bingo Bango they are going to tell you first thing what label they are wearing. Yeah label, a new term in our society now because of commercialism. Anyway you see diamonds and gold/silver and everyone knows what everyone else is wearing, thus perpetuating the cycle. It's ridiculous and I refuse to be a part of that Jacob world. If I ever become rich and famous, I will wear rags and grow a beard.

The cycle not only makes the rich - richer, but it makes the rest of us feel like shit about ourselves just because we don't look like anorexic slip-me-under-a-door runway models. It's sick! I don't understand how all of these beautiful girls can succome to the head-games of today's society. I've seen the most gorgeous women who look at themselves like garbage, because of tiny minor imperfections... It's tragic and it's going very un-noticed at a very young age now which is worse.

It's all due to our commercial environment. Most homes are filled with labels and piles of expensive clothing, yet the basics are being left out. Home cooked meals with the family are becoming a rarity, which is quite saddening on its own. The alternative is a faster, more un-healthy choice to compensate for the busy on-the-go family.

If you look around, you might see that almost every corner downtown is marked with some form of "fast" food or big-name brand alternatives. It's a toxic environment for someone with an addictive personality. By toxic I mean dangerous in that you are exposed to this day in and day out which makes it very hard to avoid the odd stop-in. It's much easier ( cheaper in most cases ) to take the quick alternative a.k.a. Fast Food on a daily basis which is becoming a problem in America for example.

Obesity has become an epidemic, much like the plague during the regime of Benito Mussolini. (Some 40,000 Italians died in a 16th century malaria epidemic) AND That's just from drinking BAD WATER! Imagine how much bad water you've drank in you're lifetime...I can't count the number of tall milky glasses of tapwater I've had in my life. Mmmmmm, tasty! Remember to give it a minute to settle.

Nonetheless I don't regret drinking water, I can't regret something so simple. I would rather blame...I blame everyone else, just like the rest of society. Sue me (Plz don't)

Honestly if you look at Japan for example. Instead of McDonalds on every corner, you have Uncle Ming's Noodle shop. There's no fat in noodles, people! This of course is completely biased, because I've never been to Japan, but whatever.

Let's see... Potatoes....Noodles....Hmmmmm....Which one has more empty calories when you fry them? Exactly.

That's just like potato chips for example. If you notice, they never say the actual amount of fat or calories in the full bag. They will, however tell you how much there is in a single serving ( usually 5 chips or so ). Five chips? That's not a serving by any means, unless you're a runway model that is.

In all honesty, its not completely our fault. We are a very commercial society based on Greed before Need. Want before Requirement. Me before you! *honk*

Speaking of commercialism, have you noticed how the television industry is cashing in on the new "Reality" craze. Producing and creating shows based on plastic surgery of all things. Yeah, let's take something that could be deadly fatal and make a TV show of it. Of course people are going to watch, because it's dangerous, but on the other hand you contribute nothing to Society via these programs. Of course there are some shows that focus on the negatives of plastic surgery, but for the most part that's not the case. Most are showcasing the Pro's of it, which is completely biased. They neglect to show you the horribly bad cases where the doctor sneezed and cut some chicks boob open, but then again...That might be good TV, too! Oh I was referring to Doctor 90210 and Nip/Tick as examples there.

To be pleased with one's limits is a wretched state.
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

That quote is a very inspiring quote in that your life is in your hands. Do with it what you wish, but realize that you aren't going to succeed until you realize what you need to accomplish.

oh..p.s. Don't drink anything "sugar-free" or "Diet" because it's going to kill you, eventually. ( Thanks Aspartame, you're COOL! ) Well actually it might not kill you, but it will give you a nice big brain tumor. MMMmmmmmm Tumor!

It's a twisted society we live in and I plan to cash in on it someday......Someday.


  • there's no way to fight it, just go with the flow.

    By Anonymous calvin, at 12:01 PM  

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