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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday postathon

So I'm watching this video of a Berkley University prof and I dunno....He seems awfully serious, but it doesn't convince me. I had a prof that did this to our class, because his laptop was stolen, and he said that the RCMP was "locating" the person who stole it. Guess what...Nobody was taken away so I doubt this is even serious.You decide.

This studip kid kicks his friend in the face with a ball. Completely awesome...Classic!

For the love of GOD DONT LOOK IN THAT HOLE!! you're going to regret it...Don't do it. Don't!

Classic joke to pull on a close friend.

Reno 911 Hilarious Bike prank. this prank is hilarious. Picture the look on his face.

Some nerds pull off a funny prank on their un-suspecting friend with hundreds of bouncy-balls.

93 Head spins...see it for yourself...I'm not joking, this guy is crazy.

Hah! stupid skater gets pwned.

Steve-O selling shoes....you know the guy from Jackass. Why he would sell-out for shoes, I dunno.

Tom Green. nuff said.

Hilarious Read over here. Funny fat person story.

Interesting read over here. Marijuana apparently is good for you now. This seems a lot like the egg situation all over again. Good for us at one point, then bad, then good again? I don't understand...Read here.

This is classic. The Crazy lady! She loves to yell and scream at people.

Fun little Mansion buy/sell game. I think my best was 14 hours or something.

Owned, Owned2.

I particularly like the cubicle vaulting. hahaa

Awesome new beer cans that stay cold!!


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