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Thursday, October 20, 2005

MIT explains bad habits and why they are hard to break

Very interesting read..

Are we becoming smarter or fatter, lazier and dumber - You decide!

Has intelligence changed at all in the era of the Internet?

Merzenich: Over the past 20 years or so, beginning before the Internet really took hold, the standard measure of "intelligence" (cognitive ability) has risen significantly (well more than 10 points). No one really knows what to pin this on, but it is a well-documented fact.

Are we getting smarter--or more lazily reliant on computers, and therefore, dumber?

Merzenich: Our brains are different from those of all humans before us. Our brain is modified on a substantial scale, physically and functionally, each time we learn a new skill or develop a new ability. Massive changes are associated with our modern cultural specializations.

The Internet is just one of those things that contemporary humans can spend millions of "practice" events at, that the average human a thousand years ago had absolutely no exposure to. Our brains are massively remodeled by this exposure--but so, too, by reading, by television, by video games, by modern electronics, by contemporary music, by contemporary "tools," etc.

This would explain why we are more of a "Fast paced" society nowadays and moreso amplifies the thought that we worry about too many little useless things that - in the long run are causing us nothing but headaches... Anyway I'm off.


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