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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ch...Check it out!

Mix Mix

Researchers at Hewlett-Packard are developing a DJ track-mixing and scratching device they believe to be as significant to music as was the first electric guitar.

HP's DJammer is a prototype handheld gadget DJs can use to mimic the sound of scratching vinyl simply by moving the device around. So, if the operator makes a scratching motion in the air, arrays of internal motion sensors translate movement into music, and the DJammer "scratches" the music as though the DJ were manipulating a record.

Air scratching woot woot!

Power Skateboard

Another product usually meant to be manually powered -- the skateboard -- has also received a boost. Smart Planet showed off its remote-controlled boards, which the company claims are the first of their kind. The company displayed a smaller model, the Powerboard ($150), that can go up to 6 mph, and a larger version, the Powerboard2 ($200), that tops out at 10 mph. Rechargeable batteries keep both boards going, and handheld remotes let riders zip around. Be careful, though -- this reporter took on the larger model and found out the hard way that it has a surprising kick, enough to knock you off while the board goes whizzing on ahead.

Check out the Geek Toy Fair

Spyware: What You Need to Know

It can turn your system against you, slow your browser to a crawl and inhabit your computer like some grotesque parasite. It can cling to your Windows registry with its grasping mandibles and sucking away its very life. And those are just the side effects of spyware -- those annoying, privacy-invading programs you'll spend the better part of the Thanksgiving holiday removing from your parents' computer.

A survey from California security company Trend Micro last week revealed that more than 87 percent of corporate end users are now familiar with the spyware threat -- 40 percent through personal experience. But a little more than half say they still don't know enough, and they'd like their IT departments to educate them.

Thanks again to WiredNews for their links today.

Top 10 Design Mistakes

Check this site out...It shows the top 10 design mistakes webmasters make on their sites. You can see how many I make and compare to how many you make. Then we can compare the comparisons and....wait who cares.


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