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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunday Long weekend Post-o-thon

Well here it is. There is a long weekend and its 3am so I decided to do some posting.

Kanye Kanye Kanye...What were you thinking!? 1:30 seconds in particular. You notice how they cut the camera away instantly and cut to Chris Tucker? Now that's a good editing team right there. My guess is that Kanye didn't vote for Bush in this past election.

Funny Cave-Man commercial.

Some American dumbass strikes into action here.

Some New-Orleans Police scanners live via: http://www.ehowa.com/home.shtml. thanks ehowa.

or click on these:



On another subject. Did you ever wonder what happened if someone like....say a truck decided to go under one of those " Only 6"5' height markers at the mall? Well this is what happens.

This kid is awesome...He is the reason why we laugh at some kids when we see them.

Okay so me and my gf discussed this and I decided that we are going to call it "Canadian Maple" from now on and start marketing products based on this topic. I think it's genius, but I think she is hesitant.


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