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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Insert Witty Title Here

Well after a long period of being lazy and not updating the site, here I am baby! I have actually been transferring some rants to my home computer to work on and "tweak" so that they are ready for release.

Anyway I thought I might show you guys some of the latest internet crap out there, when I came across this little gem that reminded me of my adventures in BMX'ing. It reminds me of how many bruises and cuts I have from the learning process.

It looks like those video phones are catching on in a big way. Little does the average public know, but these little camera's are going to be used in many more ways than you thought. LINK TO AN ACTUAL ARTICLE...WITH WORDS!

This one's for you babe =)


DISTURBING LINK OF THE DAY -> I don't hold myself responsible for your reactions and/or feelings to this movie. That being said, if you don't like it, then bite my ass cuz I really could give a damn. But seriously...That shit is B-an-an-as, seriously!

I am SO buying one of these for you Jenn. Only because I love you.

What's the deal with gas prices anyway? I mean...We are Canadian and we OWN 90% of the means of production of our own oil and yet we are impacted INSTANTLY once New Orleans floods? I'm not sure how that works when were not AMERICAN!

You can play this game if you share the same opinions as myself. I'm glad I don't have to listen to that clown, but still...It's embarassing to think that you guys have to.

I have my eye on you, Bush. See that eye? See it? That's always on YOU!

Embarrasing moment you would like to share with the rest of us? POST IT HERE! Hahahahaha, yes.

Okay that's enough for today.

OH p.s. The end of the Internet is under construction so surf your pages while you still can!


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