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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BF2 = noplay until patch comes out

Well I officially will not open BF2.exe until they release a new patch. Kids simply are too lame in that game to tolerate. I would rather read than subject myself to the tortures of listening to 10 year old kids over the microphone.

Take flying for example. It's hard enough to get your hands on a plane let alone the fact that your teammates stand in front of your plane purposefully to team punish you and get you kicked out of the server. I mean cmon...That's not what this FKN game was made for, you little 10 year old lamers. Go back to playing pokemon and sucking dick at your gay comic book conventions and magic card get-togethers.

Anyway I digress. I wanted to actually talk about how bad the BUS system is here in Edmonton. I mean really when you think about it, the city is only as good as it's transportation, is it not? Well if so, I think our city is in serious trouble.

My bus interactions are always a joke and something always seems to happen, no matter how hard I try to be normal. Take yesterday after work for example. I get on the bus from downtown near work, at City Center and everything seems normal. Well we get to 107 ave and of course the bus driver is such an idiot, he tries to beat the red light and WHAM the power wire comes RIGHT off the power couplink ( in non-geek terms, this is the electric bus wires that are attached at the top). Anyway this amazing driver proceeds to get off the bus and then goes to the back and starts fiddling with the wires or whatever...I don't know what the hell they do, and I don't particularly care either. So this guy ends up taking an extra 5 minutes to fix this piece of garbage and then we proceed to the next stop. This stop just so happens to have 30 jr.highschoolers waiting at it, PERFECT! Long story short, we're just short of my stop so I ring the bell. We hit a red light and the rocket-scientist ( being the nice guy he is ) let's someone off so he wouldn't have to wait at the stop. Whatever... I didn't think anything of it, so the light turns green, we go and WOW this genius doesn't stop at my stop. GREAT! So I yell at him "YO, open the door" he doesn't hear me... I yell again "YO, open the Fu#$ing door and let me off" and he says to me "You have to ring the bell"....Followed by a short argument of if I pulled the bell or not, I felt like sticking my foot up this guys ass. Wow I could have LOST it right then and there, but we argued and I won of course..Anyway this guy musta felt like an dickheaded idiot, cuz he stopped the bus immediately and let me off. I think some kids were getting scared too, hah! That guy should pack his bags and go back to Communist Russia, where he came from!

Anyway the moral of the story is You shouldn't take the Bus in Edmonton, because it blows donkey testicle.

Thanks for listening.


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