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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Afffffffffffffffternoooon Delight!

Well it looks like the Japanese are at it again, with this latest news headline from CBC news.

It appears that they have found a link to the the legend of the "kraken". This is cool to me, because this particular "urban legend" is said to be found off the coast of scandanavia or closely related to the North coast, not in Japan! Not to mention the fact that there has recently been many discoveries regarding BigFoot, which leads me to believe one thing. Life won't make you happy, unless you are willing to accept that you need to change. - That one was straight from the knowledge vaults of myself, thank-you!

Anyway on another completely un-related topic, it looks like we "may" be one step closer to creating a drug against the influenza virus a.k.a. "the Flu". "An investment of $70 million over seven years -- $10 million a year -- is peanuts. This is obviously an insurance policy that needs to be purchased," said Jeremy Carver, director general of ICAV. I totally agree with you, Jeremy! Why hasn't the Canadian government, or even the American government to say the least, come up with a drug to combat the flu? I don't get it. It's like polio for god's sake. It's been around forever and we're just NOW deciding that it's deadly? Wow...Atta boys..Nice way to drop the ball, finally.

Check out the entire article here.

New study: special computer games can help kids learn to pay attention. Go ahead and read the opening sentence and tell me that science isn't stupid? I mean it's like those stupid tooth-paste commercials where apparently 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it. Why does that 5th dentist always object?

I don't see how they can falsely advertise subjects like this, or even drug companies come to think of it. How many times have you seen a commercial for a drug that "eliminates your chronic over-active bowel problems" and then the side-effects are "Anal leakage". To me, that seems a little false, considering the problem at hand.

Not that it matters to me, but the way things are going, in the future you are going to see people popping pills like they were chex mex, or trail-mix. Oh yeah...Love that Prozac, baby!

Article here.


Back on topic, I thought I would provide you guys with some comedic relief on this Wednesday of Wednesdays. Apparently according to Sports Illustrated, the Calgary Flames are going to win the Stanley Cup this year. Article here! Not if I can help it! Edmonton > Calgary, obviously!

Lace up your skates and learn how to play, before making me LOL, thx.


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