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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Video Games Rant

Now it might just be me, but lately I have noticed that game developers are getting really lazy when
coming out with their new titles. Not only do I see a lot of blocky polygon'ish games coming out in
the near future, but I also notice that the level of realism we come to expect is very lacking.

Realism defined by www.dictionary.com is: The representation in art or literature of objects, actions, or social conditions as they actually are, without idealization or presentation in abstract form. I recently was perusing some articles on rally and racing games when I came across a not so stunning conclusion...REALISM IS A BIG FACTOR that often gets forgotten about! I see a lot of these new games coming out, emphasizing how stunning their graphics are and how amazing the gameplay is. That’s fine, they can emphasize what they want about their own game, but personally I have to see it to believe it. Now that we know what realism means, let’s break down games into their respective categories shall we.

Graphics: This alone can make or break a game nowadays. Stunning graphics or Poor Graphics can have a
detrimental effect on If or how long we are willing to play a certain game. Certainly if a game has
great graphics we are more willing to explore the depths of the game to see what is to come and to see
what else there is to traverse. A game with excellent graphics should leave you with the feeling that
you are somewhere else without having to worry about screen glitches or polygons. That being said, you can't expect to throw top notch graphics onto a boring game, because no one will continue playing it.

Realism: A great game leaves you with the feeling that you are somewhere else when in fact you have
not gone anywhere. This effect of simulated realism should be seamless, making the user feel that
they have entered another world. Realism can also be obtained by the "small things". For example in
the new Xpand Rally game coming out is a great example of how Graphics alone cannot make a great game.
When you think about it, without the little things there is nothing to make said game stand out from
the pack.

For example when looking at this game, the graphics are very nice, and the cars look real,
but you can't tell me that after ripping through a dirt track that there will be no mud on the car at
all... I mean that’s not very real at all. As simple a game as racing is, you need to understand that
we gamers have a need. This need is for REALITY because we are humans and we don’t like to get bored
with primitive games that put you to sleep. I would like to see a rally game where I can blow the
tires off my car, flip my car over so that the roof caves in, as well I would like to see my car
soaked in mud if I have been racing in mud all day. I don't think that's a whole lot to ask
considering how much they charge for PC games nowadays.

Difficulty: A good game should be challenging, yet based on the choice selected by the player. Great games should challenge you, yet they should not be so hard that it leaves you frustrated.
Great games are programmed so well that you will never get "stuck" which could be the case of many
of my gaming frustrations. I personally have played more than 200 games in my lifetime, so I know how games "work". It's plain to see how easy games are made nowadays, when clearly there is no creativeness on the programmers part anymore. Wouldn't it be nice to see a NEW game that no one has seen before? Yeah of course, but it won't happen, because programmers are robots.

Gameplay: A good game has to be fun to play leaving you with the feeling that you want to continue and
play more. A game that has poor graphics and poor realism that is very difficult can make you very
hesitant to play multiple times. This is often referred to as "replay value". In my opinion, the best games are the titles that can maintain a steady balance of all of the factors I've mentioned here today.

Multiplayer Capability: I may be biased on this subject, but I believe that all truly great games are
multiplayer compatible. Why do I think this? Well if you think about it, once you beat a single
player game, what makes you want to play it again? If said game does have a great balance of all the
elements listed above, then you might play it more than one time, but what’s the element that leaves
you wanting more? MULTIPLAYER. Without multiplayer compatibility, there is no sense of competition.
Multiplayer mode is definitely something that I ALWAYS look for when considering a new title nowadays.

Cost: A great game with a great balance of all the aspects above should run you about $55-65CDN (
depending whether or not there is additional fee's for online usage ). Now that games are switching
to DVD-Rom as opposed to the standard CD format, we will see the prices of games drop slightly, while
production of these games will increase. That being said, you will see a lot of companies that tend to release a title and then release add-on packs which must also be purchased. This to me seems a little extensive, considering we purchased the initial game and now we have to purchase add-on's? Bah!

Lastly...Name Brand: Great titles come from great publishers. Stick to the big names that haven't
disappointed in the past, they are sure to please. Chances are if you buy a game from a small-time
publisher you will find that they will not dazzle you by any means. That being said, I have had great luck with a few smaller titles, however it is quite a challenge to find these sometimes.

In conclusion, if you find yourself wanting to purchase a game in the near future, I would recommend
weighing in these aspects and asking yourself if it is really going to be worth it, or you might just
be setting yourself up for disaster.

Thanks for listening,

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Afffffffffffffffternoooon Delight!

Well it looks like the Japanese are at it again, with this latest news headline from CBC news.

It appears that they have found a link to the the legend of the "kraken". This is cool to me, because this particular "urban legend" is said to be found off the coast of scandanavia or closely related to the North coast, not in Japan! Not to mention the fact that there has recently been many discoveries regarding BigFoot, which leads me to believe one thing. Life won't make you happy, unless you are willing to accept that you need to change. - That one was straight from the knowledge vaults of myself, thank-you!

Anyway on another completely un-related topic, it looks like we "may" be one step closer to creating a drug against the influenza virus a.k.a. "the Flu". "An investment of $70 million over seven years -- $10 million a year -- is peanuts. This is obviously an insurance policy that needs to be purchased," said Jeremy Carver, director general of ICAV. I totally agree with you, Jeremy! Why hasn't the Canadian government, or even the American government to say the least, come up with a drug to combat the flu? I don't get it. It's like polio for god's sake. It's been around forever and we're just NOW deciding that it's deadly? Wow...Atta boys..Nice way to drop the ball, finally.

Check out the entire article here.

New study: special computer games can help kids learn to pay attention. Go ahead and read the opening sentence and tell me that science isn't stupid? I mean it's like those stupid tooth-paste commercials where apparently 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it. Why does that 5th dentist always object?

I don't see how they can falsely advertise subjects like this, or even drug companies come to think of it. How many times have you seen a commercial for a drug that "eliminates your chronic over-active bowel problems" and then the side-effects are "Anal leakage". To me, that seems a little false, considering the problem at hand.

Not that it matters to me, but the way things are going, in the future you are going to see people popping pills like they were chex mex, or trail-mix. Oh yeah...Love that Prozac, baby!

Article here.


Back on topic, I thought I would provide you guys with some comedic relief on this Wednesday of Wednesdays. Apparently according to Sports Illustrated, the Calgary Flames are going to win the Stanley Cup this year. Article here! Not if I can help it! Edmonton > Calgary, obviously!

Lace up your skates and learn how to play, before making me LOL, thx.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BF2 = noplay until patch comes out

Well I officially will not open BF2.exe until they release a new patch. Kids simply are too lame in that game to tolerate. I would rather read than subject myself to the tortures of listening to 10 year old kids over the microphone.

Take flying for example. It's hard enough to get your hands on a plane let alone the fact that your teammates stand in front of your plane purposefully to team punish you and get you kicked out of the server. I mean cmon...That's not what this FKN game was made for, you little 10 year old lamers. Go back to playing pokemon and sucking dick at your gay comic book conventions and magic card get-togethers.

Anyway I digress. I wanted to actually talk about how bad the BUS system is here in Edmonton. I mean really when you think about it, the city is only as good as it's transportation, is it not? Well if so, I think our city is in serious trouble.

My bus interactions are always a joke and something always seems to happen, no matter how hard I try to be normal. Take yesterday after work for example. I get on the bus from downtown near work, at City Center and everything seems normal. Well we get to 107 ave and of course the bus driver is such an idiot, he tries to beat the red light and WHAM the power wire comes RIGHT off the power couplink ( in non-geek terms, this is the electric bus wires that are attached at the top). Anyway this amazing driver proceeds to get off the bus and then goes to the back and starts fiddling with the wires or whatever...I don't know what the hell they do, and I don't particularly care either. So this guy ends up taking an extra 5 minutes to fix this piece of garbage and then we proceed to the next stop. This stop just so happens to have 30 jr.highschoolers waiting at it, PERFECT! Long story short, we're just short of my stop so I ring the bell. We hit a red light and the rocket-scientist ( being the nice guy he is ) let's someone off so he wouldn't have to wait at the stop. Whatever... I didn't think anything of it, so the light turns green, we go and WOW this genius doesn't stop at my stop. GREAT! So I yell at him "YO, open the door" he doesn't hear me... I yell again "YO, open the Fu#$ing door and let me off" and he says to me "You have to ring the bell"....Followed by a short argument of if I pulled the bell or not, I felt like sticking my foot up this guys ass. Wow I could have LOST it right then and there, but we argued and I won of course..Anyway this guy musta felt like an dickheaded idiot, cuz he stopped the bus immediately and let me off. I think some kids were getting scared too, hah! That guy should pack his bags and go back to Communist Russia, where he came from!

Anyway the moral of the story is You shouldn't take the Bus in Edmonton, because it blows donkey testicle.

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Look at this goofy ass

This is what happens when you pass out around your gay friends.

Ninja Squirrel.

Why do people have to hate on the 1337speak? I mean why don't you take your negativeness and your anger and go back to your hotel rooms, you tourists!

On another topic, this pic is of the craziest bus I have ever seen! It's seriously perfect advertising for whatever company...It reminds me of JAWS.

Look at this great marvel courtesy of Skoopy. Who's the comedic Genius who designed this work of architechtual perfection? You should be rolled up into a carpet and thrown off a bridge.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Nice advertising

Well since I posted the worst ad in the world first, I figured I may as well post something constructive and show you guys some cool ad's from around the world.

Check this one out.
It reads Headline: "For things that don't fit everywhere"
Agency: Leo Burnett, Germany

Another one right here comes to us from Leo Burnett, Hong Kong. This one particularly made me shrug. It's really simple, but effective. That's what I like. Subdelty.

Amazing Agency Website/ Ad. This is why we have the internet people... Thanks to FrederikSamuel for the link.

Mucho False Advertiso American Style

The above picture was taken from the Below website and I believe that this kind of false advertising is way too prominent these days.

Often companies will limit their offers or rebates or "deals" to American residents only. This aggrivates me more than words can describe.

This is my response to this in letter form:

If you can forgive the terrible spelling of "planet" aka PLANT, and you can forgive the odd formatting that the quotations (\" "\) are done in, then this letter is great!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am the crusader for small injustices! Tadaa! Faster than a speeding slinky, able to jump small curbs in a single bound!

Anyway I've started my path on the crusade for the injustices of False advertising.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's Game Day


Made by the creator of the Ps2 game REZ, this proves to be an addictive little game in its own genre. The point rather than just pointlessly killing enemies is to die.... Now in proper game fashion you still have to kill enemies, but the point is to take as many of them out as you can before the time runs out.

Try it out.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Monday


- Despite billions of dollars to boost disaster preparedness at all levels of government, the response to Katrina was plagued by confusion, communication failures and widespread lack of coordination, said Collins as she opened hearings into the disaster.

Now I'm not by any means a genius, but if Americans were as smart as they claim to be, then why does something like this not phase me at all? I guess I'm more used to your screwed up president than you are.

Quote of the Day:

"A bad habit never disappears miraculously; it's an undo-it-yourself project."

– Abigail Van Buren

Random Thought...Mmmmmmmm chocolate fountain goodness!

If you ever wondered where all the money people have ever given to the USA in their "time of need" ...Well it goes

The United States will clearly be able to defend the world against alien attacks thanks to George Bush. G'job buddy! Now why don't you go get all those dead bodies out of the mississippi river. I'm sure they would boad well as a test subject. Money well spent, George. Glad to see you are always thinking about those aliens, because it can't be anything else you are thinking about.

On another note...Florida is going to float away...Report seen here.

$5,000,000 worth of 150-year-old whiskey is waiting to be dug up. I wonder if the flooding just made this even harder? Makes you wanna pull out the old bottle of absinthe and have a good time.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday Chillin to some Foo Fighters

What's the deal with all of these television shows that deal with "celebrety cars"? I mean...DRIVESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS? Wtf is that all about?

I'm glad you can show off all the cars you own, but that's like having a nascar without a driver. It's like having a plastic cake. I'm glad it looks pretty in your garage and on the magazine covers, but you probably can't drive it for shit. Not to be mean, because I'm sure there is a certain percentage of the population that owns these vehicles that knows how to drive. All I'm saying is that these vehicles are becoming more of a freaking Fabergé Egg sitting in a glass case rather than the Four wheel driving VEHICLESthey were made for.

p.s. That car is my baby....no really....If Dodge see's this...I will gladly advertise for you and take one of those off your hands. I mean there's only one in Edmonton that I've seen so far.

Anyway I digress.

On the other hand there is a nice variation of this celebrety car influx. This variation is the sudden explosion of "pimping my ride" that seems to be popping up all over the world. I mean have you seen the American chopper shows and all of those? They tweak these nice motorcycles and make them look awesome. The point of the show is to make the vehicle that they ACTAULLY drive look and drive like it were brand new. This variation is acceptable to me.

My point is that we need television that is educational and that is positive to the community, rather than showcasing Celebrety Gossip and turning these celebreties into statues on these pedistals...It needs to stop. I mean if you really loved them, you wouldn't be posting nude pictures of them on the internet.

On another note...I have two seether songs that I thought were good on my playlist...They suck. After a nice long playlist of songs, you two = cut.


Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday morning GRAB BAG

Well here it is. Friday's grab bag of goodies. Take what you want and leave any comments you want.

This bubble apparently can transport up to 15 people at a time across water. What kind of crazy inventor came up with this? I mean honestly this thing looks like a marshmallow cake or something. How do you steer it? I dunno..I would probably give this invention a 5/10 on my super cool scale. I would check this site out as well as it's got a lot of cool "Ikea" type inventions on it.

Anyway back to the grab bag...It looks like we have a perfect case of not doing your homework. I'm Lovin it.

Here is the HILARIOUS PIC of THE DAY coming directly to you from frederiksamuel.

The funniest part is the guy on the bus. It's almost as if he knows what the picture looks like and it appears as if he's reacting to it! Hilarious.

Dunlop shoes..The commercials make them look like gold and silver on a platinum platter. I will be adding www.frederiksamuel.com as a link on my page, because it is hilarious.

That's about it for now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Shining Gleam of hope

Some murals from Israel. In a place where it may seem like there is no hope, emerges something like this to make us realize that we are all human.

Click Here to View.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Insert Witty Title Here

Well after a long period of being lazy and not updating the site, here I am baby! I have actually been transferring some rants to my home computer to work on and "tweak" so that they are ready for release.

Anyway I thought I might show you guys some of the latest internet crap out there, when I came across this little gem that reminded me of my adventures in BMX'ing. It reminds me of how many bruises and cuts I have from the learning process.

It looks like those video phones are catching on in a big way. Little does the average public know, but these little camera's are going to be used in many more ways than you thought. LINK TO AN ACTUAL ARTICLE...WITH WORDS!

This one's for you babe =)


DISTURBING LINK OF THE DAY -> I don't hold myself responsible for your reactions and/or feelings to this movie. That being said, if you don't like it, then bite my ass cuz I really could give a damn. But seriously...That shit is B-an-an-as, seriously!

I am SO buying one of these for you Jenn. Only because I love you.

What's the deal with gas prices anyway? I mean...We are Canadian and we OWN 90% of the means of production of our own oil and yet we are impacted INSTANTLY once New Orleans floods? I'm not sure how that works when were not AMERICAN!

You can play this game if you share the same opinions as myself. I'm glad I don't have to listen to that clown, but still...It's embarassing to think that you guys have to.

I have my eye on you, Bush. See that eye? See it? That's always on YOU!

Embarrasing moment you would like to share with the rest of us? POST IT HERE! Hahahahaha, yes.

Okay that's enough for today.

OH p.s. The end of the Internet is under construction so surf your pages while you still can!

Monday, September 05, 2005



Sunday Long weekend Post-o-thon

Well here it is. There is a long weekend and its 3am so I decided to do some posting.

Kanye Kanye Kanye...What were you thinking!? 1:30 seconds in particular. You notice how they cut the camera away instantly and cut to Chris Tucker? Now that's a good editing team right there. My guess is that Kanye didn't vote for Bush in this past election.

Funny Cave-Man commercial.

Some American dumbass strikes into action here.

Some New-Orleans Police scanners live via: http://www.ehowa.com/home.shtml. thanks ehowa.

or click on these:



On another subject. Did you ever wonder what happened if someone like....say a truck decided to go under one of those " Only 6"5' height markers at the mall? Well this is what happens.

This kid is awesome...He is the reason why we laugh at some kids when we see them.

Okay so me and my gf discussed this and I decided that we are going to call it "Canadian Maple" from now on and start marketing products based on this topic. I think it's genius, but I think she is hesitant.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Pimp My pet