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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Submit your own Video Game idea here!

My idea was of a game kind of like "Hungry hungry hippo's" but the twist is that it involves rag-doll physics and American Gladiator meets "Hot Wheels" plastic racing set.

The idea is that you can set these tracks up any way you see fit in order to shoot these "contestants" around the stage. The player who sets up the most elaborate stage - requiring the contestants go through a series of "plinko" style stages in order to eventually land into a point bucket.

Our "players" are formed into teams of two and both players go into the sphere's after setting up the track how they see fit. It's up to the contestants to maneuvre themselves down their track into the point buckets ( no time limit involved ).

This is my first idea for a mini-game game.

I will be adding more and more to this mini-game game from here on so look for more soon! Hell I might even program this into flash and make my dreams a reality =)


  • Okay so another idea is "rocket soccer" meets Quittage (HP). Basically you set up these huge goal posts about 100 feet in the air and have rocket controlled jets fly people around to play soccer. Say....5 man teams and 3 periods? FUN!

    By Blogger Etown Gamer, at 10:05 AM  

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