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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Movie Rental Scam in a box

Now I don't know about you guys...but this new incentive from Blockbuster has me uncertain... From what I've understood about Blockbuster Video, they have never liked people returning their video's late AND as such there was an associated FEE as a result. Now what confuses me is that not only do they WANT you to keep the movies longer now, but they are completely doing a 360 on their former "policy".

I don't get it... From all the grief I've gotten from not returning their damn video's in the past to no grief at all?

I decided to investigate and here are my findings ( in story form ):

*Enter BlockBuster Store*

I proceeded to look around for a movie I might want to rent, however after finding NO copies of anything new, I decided to rent something a little older.

Okay a normal experience so far...

*At the counter*

Myself: Hi I'd like to rent this.
Clerk: Okay can I see some Identification and do you have your rental card?

Myself: Here's my ID/card.
Clerk: There's late fee's on your account, you WILL have to pay those before renting.

Myself: I thought you don't have late fee's any more?
Clerk: We don't.

Myself: ( Thinks to myself...WTF? )
Clerk: We retain people's late fee's from before the offer.

Myself: That seems trivial to charge me for late fee's when your company doesn't have a fee for them any more.
Clerk: I don't make the rules.

Myself: Those late fee's are from my roommate and I refuse to pay them.
Clerk: I'm sorry but I can't allow you to rent a movie then.

After a couple minutes of arguing, I decided to pay the $20 and rent the damn movie.

Myself: Fine, whatever I'll pay it, just give me the damn movie already.
Clerk: Okay, how will you be paying ?

Myself: I need to use my debit card, because I wasn't expecting to be paying this much for a movie rental...
Clerk: Oh, our debit machine is down.

*walked out never to pay those late fee's ever*

AND THAT...is why I don't rent at blockbuster video.


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