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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fast food the Video Game!!

Fast food the Video Game!!

Have you seen this article in the news lately? It appears that the head office of McDonald's has set out for global domination. Soon I can see hundreds of these machines all over the place...popping up everywhere. Oh during the day they seem friendly...dispensing all of your mc.needs, but at night when you're in bed sleeping, it comes to your homes and has sex with your wife and kick's your dog! That's how it all starts...

Of course with the new inventions come a few pro's and con's. I think there is a huge pro in that you don't have to put up with the pimply faced teenager with the greacy hair who get's your order wrong and over-charges you. That and computers are just plain better at math.

But I mean if you add movie rentals to McDonalds its going to be chaos... I mean the lines are long enough as is.

It's a hearding of the masses. It's like watching cattle being heard and fed to do what they want ( watch movies and get fat and lazy while eating a cheeseburger ).

Maybe its just me........


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