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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush flip flops on Powerade issue

So as it turns out, the candidate that was so against the flip-flopping is in fact the one guilty of such acts.

In an article from NEWS.com.au David Nason writes "In a joint statement with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Washington, US President George W. Bush said India was a responsible nuclear state that deserved access to the latest technologies. This was despite the fact it was a nuclear weapons state that refused to sign the treaty. "

This reminds me of the time that the Bush family gave all that money to the terrorists...I mean Bin Laden family. Well one thing's for sure, Bush values his friends funds over the quality of the nation. If Bush were a PC, I would surely give him the good ol' three finger salute on this one.

I'm so sick of Bush and his lies. Can't you Americans see through his evil dark shroud? There are evil forces at work behind those oval office doors I tell you...

Proudly Canadian Forever...


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