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Friday, July 29, 2005

BF2 update

Well I picked up THIS medal last night =) Good ol' pistol award...Takes 7 pistol kills in one round. Sounds easy, but that pistol aint the cannon you think it is.

It's actually not that hard to pick up if you try hard enough... The pistol really isn't that great of a gun though..and to think the next medal takes 50 kills ( a reasonable 43 more ) to achieve AS WELL AS 7 in one round...wow...

I may as well work on THIS medal next, not to mention it also takes 50 knife kills to get the second medal of this as well rofl.. The knife award could be more worth than its worth I'm afraid. Perhaps I will have my roommate play on the other team and continue to kill him round after round with the knife...Lolz. Considering how terrible the knife really is at this point and the fact that no one really knows how to use it ( takes 1/2 second longer to actually "hit" the targer )...This medal could take people years to achieve in my eyes.

I have provided a list of the medals which includes the criteria for achieving them.


*Note htat some ranks require you to have some medals.

INVALUEABLE BF2 TIPS AND GAME HINTS... Must read if you want to raise above the level we call "noob".



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