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Friday, July 29, 2005

BF2 Movies ( large file sizes )


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BF2 update

Well I picked up THIS medal last night =) Good ol' pistol award...Takes 7 pistol kills in one round. Sounds easy, but that pistol aint the cannon you think it is.

It's actually not that hard to pick up if you try hard enough... The pistol really isn't that great of a gun though..and to think the next medal takes 50 kills ( a reasonable 43 more ) to achieve AS WELL AS 7 in one round...wow...

I may as well work on THIS medal next, not to mention it also takes 50 knife kills to get the second medal of this as well rofl.. The knife award could be more worth than its worth I'm afraid. Perhaps I will have my roommate play on the other team and continue to kill him round after round with the knife...Lolz. Considering how terrible the knife really is at this point and the fact that no one really knows how to use it ( takes 1/2 second longer to actually "hit" the targer )...This medal could take people years to achieve in my eyes.

I have provided a list of the medals which includes the criteria for achieving them.


*Note htat some ranks require you to have some medals.

INVALUEABLE BF2 TIPS AND GAME HINTS... Must read if you want to raise above the level we call "noob".


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tired, no need to sleep!

This new product from some crazy inventor yields the punch of a redbull in the palm of your hands...

Check This Out

Don't forget to stock up on these when you go to climb Mt.Everest.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hilariously Funny things to do to Drunk Guys


That's what I'm talking bout...post your pics in "comments" if you have some funny one's.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lance Lance Lance

Here's a guy you gotta love.


This just in...McDonalds causes squirrelness.

Ya gotta stop eating at McDonalds or you'll end up like this guy.



Those crazy dutchmen

Das Dutch

Well apparently the dutch need to find some more work for their polize.

Submit your own Video Game idea here!

My idea was of a game kind of like "Hungry hungry hippo's" but the twist is that it involves rag-doll physics and American Gladiator meets "Hot Wheels" plastic racing set.

The idea is that you can set these tracks up any way you see fit in order to shoot these "contestants" around the stage. The player who sets up the most elaborate stage - requiring the contestants go through a series of "plinko" style stages in order to eventually land into a point bucket.

Our "players" are formed into teams of two and both players go into the sphere's after setting up the track how they see fit. It's up to the contestants to maneuvre themselves down their track into the point buckets ( no time limit involved ).

This is my first idea for a mini-game game.

I will be adding more and more to this mini-game game from here on so look for more soon! Hell I might even program this into flash and make my dreams a reality =)

Don't forget your app list


GIMP is nice.

Don't forget the random Vin fact of the day

Vin Diesel's name is an anagram of Evil Inside.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

All I can say is H A


Funniest thing I've seen in a bloody long time. This guys scream and arm movements make me roll out of my chair on to the floor.

Jebus H Xrist


That's one helluva big snake we've got here....Now where's the giant spider at?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Toonie Tuesday

What's with restaurants and Tuesday's? I can't figure out for the life of me why food should be cheaper on Tuesdays than any other day of the week. Why can't we all compromise and have days of the week where everything is cheap? I wouldn't mind having cheap food every day of the week. I mean if it forced me to get off my ass and go buy it I don't mind. Anyway I think they should eliminate "toonie tuesdays" at all restaurants because it's unfair to me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fast food the Video Game!!

Fast food the Video Game!!

Have you seen this article in the news lately? It appears that the head office of McDonald's has set out for global domination. Soon I can see hundreds of these machines all over the place...popping up everywhere. Oh during the day they seem friendly...dispensing all of your mc.needs, but at night when you're in bed sleeping, it comes to your homes and has sex with your wife and kick's your dog! That's how it all starts...

Of course with the new inventions come a few pro's and con's. I think there is a huge pro in that you don't have to put up with the pimply faced teenager with the greacy hair who get's your order wrong and over-charges you. That and computers are just plain better at math.

But I mean if you add movie rentals to McDonalds its going to be chaos... I mean the lines are long enough as is.

It's a hearding of the masses. It's like watching cattle being heard and fed to do what they want ( watch movies and get fat and lazy while eating a cheeseburger ).

Maybe its just me........

Movie Rental Scam in a box

Now I don't know about you guys...but this new incentive from Blockbuster has me uncertain... From what I've understood about Blockbuster Video, they have never liked people returning their video's late AND as such there was an associated FEE as a result. Now what confuses me is that not only do they WANT you to keep the movies longer now, but they are completely doing a 360 on their former "policy".

I don't get it... From all the grief I've gotten from not returning their damn video's in the past to no grief at all?

I decided to investigate and here are my findings ( in story form ):

*Enter BlockBuster Store*

I proceeded to look around for a movie I might want to rent, however after finding NO copies of anything new, I decided to rent something a little older.

Okay a normal experience so far...

*At the counter*

Myself: Hi I'd like to rent this.
Clerk: Okay can I see some Identification and do you have your rental card?

Myself: Here's my ID/card.
Clerk: There's late fee's on your account, you WILL have to pay those before renting.

Myself: I thought you don't have late fee's any more?
Clerk: We don't.

Myself: ( Thinks to myself...WTF? )
Clerk: We retain people's late fee's from before the offer.

Myself: That seems trivial to charge me for late fee's when your company doesn't have a fee for them any more.
Clerk: I don't make the rules.

Myself: Those late fee's are from my roommate and I refuse to pay them.
Clerk: I'm sorry but I can't allow you to rent a movie then.

After a couple minutes of arguing, I decided to pay the $20 and rent the damn movie.

Myself: Fine, whatever I'll pay it, just give me the damn movie already.
Clerk: Okay, how will you be paying ?

Myself: I need to use my debit card, because I wasn't expecting to be paying this much for a movie rental...
Clerk: Oh, our debit machine is down.

*walked out never to pay those late fee's ever*

AND THAT...is why I don't rent at blockbuster video.



Addictive, be warned!

Congratulations Justin & Myria

I just wanted to congratulate you two on a wonderful Wedding ceremony followed by an even more wonderful meal. The open bar was a bonus, but not needed as I wasn't prepared to get too drunk =)

I hope you two enjoy many years of hapiness with eachother, you deserve it. I can't think of two people more perfect for eachother than you two. Not to mention the fact that whenever I picture you two together, I can't help but laugh ( in my head ) at someone we used to be friends with ( I think you both know who I'm referring to, but just in case I included a picture of Mr.Cool's glasses ).

Anyways I wanted to thank you guys for inviting me and I hope you enjoyed your day.

p.s. I cleaned house in Texas Hold'em poker vs. Justin's family =)


My Hometown - a little introduction

I wanted everyone here to have a little sneak preview of the fine town I call home, Edmonton.

I have included a few nice pictures of my hometown that I hope you all enjoy!

BF2 helicopter maddness here I come

Okay so I bought a Cyborg Evo joystick so that I can hone in on my helicopter skills in BF2 when I get some time.

I just wanted to let you all know my experience with this Joystick from box opening to use.

From the initial setup the whole thing was very easy to install and use. I took it out of the box, plugged it in and it automatically found my hardware. From that point I popped in the CD-ROM provided and installed the software. I then opened BF2 after installation completed and proceeded to setup my controls. This was the hard part, because I had no idea how I wanted to fly using this joystick ( first time flier ). From here I went to MIRC and searched for some BF2 channels. This proved to be useful as I found someone with the same joystick who plays BF2. He helped me setup my joystick perfectly and I gotta tell you...It's a lot of fun using this thing. It did take a couple of hours to get used to it, however now that I have been playing around, I find this to be WAY more sensitive and WAY more responsive.

I love this thing, go buy one!

Also if you are interested in any BF2 campaign's, head over to www.global-conflict.org and add yourself to a side.

See you on the battlefield.

Bush flip flops on Powerade issue

So as it turns out, the candidate that was so against the flip-flopping is in fact the one guilty of such acts.

In an article from NEWS.com.au David Nason writes "In a joint statement with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Washington, US President George W. Bush said India was a responsible nuclear state that deserved access to the latest technologies. This was despite the fact it was a nuclear weapons state that refused to sign the treaty. "

This reminds me of the time that the Bush family gave all that money to the terrorists...I mean Bin Laden family. Well one thing's for sure, Bush values his friends funds over the quality of the nation. If Bush were a PC, I would surely give him the good ol' three finger salute on this one.

I'm so sick of Bush and his lies. Can't you Americans see through his evil dark shroud? There are evil forces at work behind those oval office doors I tell you...

Proudly Canadian Forever...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Grand Prix of Edmonton comes to a close

Newman-Haas driver Sebastien Bourdais finish a half second ahead of teammate Oriol Servia in what was an amazing weekend of racing and roaring engines.

Not going to go into a whole lot of detail here, I was just glad to see Paul Tracy taken out...he just doesn't seem to pull the results I have been looking for.

Harry Potter and the Magical Cash machine

Everywhere you look now its H.P. this, H.P. that... It's as if the entire world has converted to a fantasy world overnight. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to see kids getting into reading, but this is turning into another Tamagotchi or Tickle me Elmo.

Apparently the new Harry Potter book sold an astonishing 6.9 million copies in its first 24 hours in the United States - averaging better than 250,000 sales per hour and smashing the record held by the previous Potter release. What this tells me is that there is a larger market for science-fiction than we had previously thought. Not to mention the fact that most the kids I have talked to have already read through the entire book! I guess it brings new meaning to the term "book-worm".

Working on a few things

Looks like I need to edit the format of the page quite a bit...Looks very low quality at the moment. I think the whole idea of choosing the blogger was that I don't have to create the whole compose/reply system.

I am enjoying this system so far and look for lots of updates to come very soon.

First post.. Decided not to re-invent the wheel

Well here it is. My first post ever.

I decided to go with a blog rather than having some poor man's HTML website.

Anyway this site will be designated to my findings and my rantings about games in todays society.

My aim ( while somewhat skewed ) is to provide you guys ( my audience ) with up to date news and findings in recent games and entertainment here in Edmonton.

I will add a section of upcoming events and whatnot.