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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fear, Freedom and Fathom

So as a chapter closes in my life(a door closes as you might say) I shrug off the bad times, rejoice in the good times.

This is where I iron out the wrinkles and put on my A-game.

This is the time of my life.

Can't wait around any longer for things to happen, now is the time for action!

I want what I will get. It sticks out, and I want it.

It's a lottery of sorts metaphorically speaking.

The world is my oyster...Who want's to join me!?


Monday, March 27, 2006


What is it that makes us tick?

Who are we that we decide what is right?

Why is it that we allow ourselves such pain?

When did we become so ignorant?

Where will we be if we ignore the signs?

How can this be?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Think about it

Often one is blinded of his objective by distractions that seem to be thoughts of negativity. These hurdles are what separates the strong from the weak. The sensitive from the strong. The weak-hearted from the strong-minded.

I think this may have been the case when it comes to my blog and I don't want that to happen.

In the coming weeks there will be major renovations on the site to make some decent additions. So please look and see what's coming =)

P.S. I can't get these two songs out of my head. Click up top= "you're beautiful" and "Goodbye my lover"

We've had our doubts but now we're fine,
And I love you, I swear that's true.
I cannot live without you.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Topics of Interest

So this morning I wake up early to go get rent money and juice before work. I guess I should introduce myself before I go on any further. My name is Scott and I live in Edmonton, Alberta and wierd shit happens to me ALL the time.

It's almost as if the earths gravity somehow revolves around me running into wierd people and fu**ed up situations.

Now that we've laid the groundwork I will continue.

So I'm headed to the 7-11 for juice and waiting in line I notice outside that there's this hunchback looking white-haired gremlin lookin guy waddling his way towareds the door. From personal experience I know how this guy acts, but for the purpose of story telling, I digress.

Anyway so this guy enters the store and not seven seconds later you can hear him muttering swear words under his breath. Yeah this guy's a real piece of work. So I'm waiting at the front check-out and this guy's behind me muttering up a storm...as if he was in a hurry or something ( like the rest of us, buddy ). He's waiting about a minute behind me and starts swearing, c'mon *slow* Slow* Jeeez!

What a freaking wierdo ( I'm thinking at this point ). That's not even the funny part. As I'm leaving the store, he says something extremely difficult to understand ( the clerk attempts to understand what he is saying, however two jibberjabberer's usually can't communicate with eachother ) and I think he was asking for a bus pass.

Anyway I guess there were no more buss passes so this guy snapped and started repeating to the clerk "You should have more, you should have more" and charges out of the store.

The kicker is..I got my juice...ran across the street ( through traffic ) and managed to catch the bus, but the other guy was waiting at the cross walk without a bus pass, and he missed the bus.


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New PC

So I ended up going with the AMD X2 Athlon 4600+ Asus a8N32-SLI Deluxe and Enermax 530 sli-PSU and wow...

All I have to say is game on fellas.

Oh yes...there will be blood!

LoL Jenn, I knew I posted something about Aristocrats on my site..Look..

Again the RANDOM word of the day goes to:


All-Bran bars FTW

I don't really need or want to introduce these next video's. Lunch break humor. I love it!

Tony Hawk Pro Skater highest combo ever imagined or thought possible!

Sweet Xbox 360 hacks for streaming media


2006 Bloggies

Random Google Video's - Amuse yourself

Subway advertising in CS without Valve's knowledge?

Fragtag - sweet lazer tag

Some music search that I think went offline

Check it out

Click here


Report Piracy LOL


Computer with Vegetable oil inside!! WTF?



Click here

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Building a better PC

So I'm making a new PC and I'm trying to compile all the parts that I want in the beyotch.

So far I want:

1. Dual-core Pentium with Hyperthreading(64 bit)
2. 3.5GHz(or better depending on price) cpu
3. A nice CHEAP good air-flow case ( no power supply required or wanted )
4. GeForce 7800GTX ( Getting from Tyson when he FINALLY gets his )
5. Power Supply - 500W (ish)

Feel free to leave comments with your opinions or if you have better items that I can get at a better value.


p.s. Post being updated frequently so press - F5 - to refresh often!

Prices in Canadian (CAD)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy New Year, Canada!

Okay so I have been quite the ghost lately and I apologize for that, but it was the new year so get used to it.

CAUTION: Healthy information ahead! Take your big red shoes and turn around now clown ( You know who you are ).

First things first here...On my way to work, I stopped for a bagel and a juice. I work in a call center which is actually inside the downtown mall shopping center. It's nice that we are not actually "in the mall" in a sense that we are above all the stores, but I want to set the atmosphere for you guys. Anyway's while on my way to work after getting my juice, I head for the escalator and out of the corner of my eye I can see that McDonalds has a line-up, already and they haven't even opened! That to me seems quite disturbing.

Our society has become one that thrives on fast food. This can not be allowed to happen or we will gradually turn into our southern-fried friends. It's almost as if every company in the states is based around "Value meals" and "Combo choices" which are making fast food seem even more appropriate and comfortable.

Here's a test:

1. How much do two bottles of pop cost at "7-11"?
2. What is The value combo for Thursday at McDonalds?
3. Which day is "cheap taco" day at Taco Bell?
4. What days are "The Amazing Race", "Big Brother", and "Survivor" on?

If you know the answer to all of these then you are a victom of commercialism, and it's okay because it's not your fault. It's propaganda in advertising. Why do you think there is 8-9 minutes of commercials in your 30 minute show? Think about it...

Nothing is free and when you watch TV you pay, one way or another.

But I digress and return to the main subject.

In a perfect world, fast food would be a soup and sandwich, not a hamburger and fries followed by a soft-drink and an ice cream. Come on here people, think how long a hamburger takes to make at home...It's certainly not less than 4 minutes and you certainly wouldn't want a hamburger that has been sitting in a plastic heated tray for who knows how long. I prefer the taste of a home-made, slopily put together, man-made burger. Plop on a generous amount of Catsup and grind in some fresh Garlic into the meat with some herbs and those puppies turn into real bad boys...mmmmmmm...

I know I shouldn't be a hippocrit here as I tend to consume my fair share of "Fast food", however I do see a need for alternative options in the current market.

I propose to all my fellow Canadians, that you learn about my new diet. It's my new-years diet that I have come up with and have been using for a while now. I have taken a few different idea's and compiled them into one great idea.

It's called the "Stop eating at McDonalds and other fast food restaurants and get some excersize you fat bastard" diet or SEAMAOFFRAGSEYFB. If you think about it, the idea is very simple. Every time you get the urge(addiction) to eat your favorite McFood or fast food, you simply eat a fruit or vegetable alternative (or "heavy" fruit juice / smoothie ). I know this might seem difficult, but we all get the "urge" to eat that shitty food, and by doing this you can eliminate the urges and eat healthier without having to give anything up. I mean we don't want to turn out like those obese sons of bitches down in the States, do we?

I used to be quite the angry person. I used to play a lot of counter-strike and I used to "rage-out" on a lot of people in games for no apparent reason. I used to eat McDonalds whenever I had the chance and I was a chubby little kid in high-school. Upon using this diet, I find myself to be far less aggressive and far less irritable on a regular basis. I find myself searching for healthier alternatives and seeking out fried-free foods ( FFF ). Seriously cut out the FFF and you're set!

Either that or you can go on the Bruno Diet. This one is really easy to do. Every time you reach into the fridge or pantry, this guy named Bruno comes out and punches you out. When you wake up, you can't remember what happened, but you sure aren't hungry any more!

Anyway you should see some updates coming your way soon as I am now back in the swing of things.